DABB Bytes

October 8, 2021
By Brooke

Happy Friday everyone! Since our recent events held on September 25th and 26th through Sunday, October 3rd, there have been 1,567 observations covering 703 different species in the Driftless region! It is important to remember that the Driftless area is a fairly large area of land covering 24,000 square miles in four different states and that any iNaturalist data obtained within the region, whether signed up for the project or not, is included in the DABB. Below is a map for reference of the land the region entails!


Since the DABB project is being done within the La Crosse region, this week we wanted to focus on the La Crosse county data. So, within the Driftless region data, following the same timeframe, the La Crosse County had 489 observations covering 243 different species. Below is a diagram showing the percentage breakdown of the types of species that have been observed.

As you can see, the large majority of the observations in the La Crosse area were bugs and plants! Please continue to remember to add and submit your observations into iNaturalist throughout your day, as every single addition counts towards a greater aspect of scientific research. Thank you and have a great weekend!