Now & Zen

Modeled after the VA’s Whole Health for Life, Strive 2 Thrive’s idea of health includes both physical and mental/emotional health. Strive 2 Thrive believes part of achieving whole health is believing in the Power of the Mind. There’s a powerful connection between the brain and body. Taking care of yourself includes relaxing and healing the brain.

Get started

Relaxing your mind is easier said than done, so we’ve put together a booklet to help. Inside, you’ll find opportunities for meditation, doodling, zentangling and journaling. They have all been scientifically proven to relieve stress and promote inner calmness and well-being.

Learn more by watching a video with the artist, Ruth Miller

Ideas for how to use your Now and Zen booklet

  • Read it — however many times you please
  • Color in it
  • Add your own doodles or zentangles
  • Use it as a place to keep inspirational quotes
  • Add stickers
  • Journal

What’s zentangling? A method of drawing that incorporates mindfulness and patterns. By making non-objective drawings in a pattern, it allows the artist to use the act of drawing as a type of meditation.