Setting up your iNaturalist account

March 3, 2022
By Emma

Hello all and happy March!

Our first blog for the month of March will be a continuation of the iNaturalist app (google play) (apple store) from our last blog. Today, we will talk about how to set up your profile as well as how to join projects!

First, let’s start with how to set up your profile. Log in to your iNaturalist account and click on the “profile” (“me” on the app) tab. On the desktop version you can edit your profile picture and put a short biography on your page. This can be something about your experience in identifying species, any pertinent degrees you have, or just that you are doing this for fun! To start your bio, click on the “tell us about yourself” button. Fill in your bio and click “save”. This is an optional part of your profile. You can also edit your profile at any time! See below for an example.

Click the blue “tell us about yourself” button.

Next, you can update your profile picture by clicking the “edit account settings & profile” button. Choose “upload a new photo” and pick the photo of your choice from your computer library.

Finally, you can join projects by clicking the project tab (slide 1). Search the title of the project you are trying to join such as “Driftless Area BioBlitz 2022” and “DABB 2022 Nature Challenge” (slide 2). Once you find the page you are looking for, hit “join” at the top of the project page (slide 3). This is another optional use in iNaturalist. For now, just explore the various pages we have in the community! This slideshow shows the app version of iNaturalist.

Click “projects” in the bottom right corner of the app.

You are now ready to start observing! Next week we will go over how to make observations and get connected with members in your community as well as experts at iNaturalist! I took the photo on my iNaturalist profile at Nelson Park on Lake Onalaska when I went ice skating this past December. We are excited to start exploring the driftless area with you as soon as these warm, sunny days become more frequent!

Upcoming Events:

Driftless Area BioBlitz 2022 begins in April

DABB 2022 Nature Challenge begins in April as well

DABB 2022 Nature Challenge Kick-off at the Earth Fair at Myrick Park April 24th

Keep an eye out for more information on the DABB webpage and stay updated by following us on Facebook.


Happy exploring,